About Your Ozone Generator

The spa ozone generator uses an electrical current to generate ozone, a natural form of oxygen with an extra oxygen atom (ordinary oxygen is O2 – ozone is O3). This process replicates what happens in the atmosphere when sunlight generates the protective ozone layer.

The short story on ozone is that the third oxygen atom is only weakly connected to the oxygen molecule. When it comes into contact with any organic matter, including bacteria and viruses, the extra atom leaves the oxygen and ‘oxidizes’ the organic matter to kill it. The only byproduct of this process is ordinary oxygen (O2).

Ozone’s natural sanitation power is harnessed by the spa’s ozone generator to keep the hot tub water fresh and pure. The ozone is injected into the water in a fully dissolved state and interacts instantly with whatever organic matter is there. In theory, ozone has a half-life of about 22 minutes in a hot tub, but in practice it is used up almost instantly, leaving a very small quantity of residual ozone.

How the Ozone Generator WorksTypical spa ozonator installation using the DEL MCD-50.

The typical ozonator set up is straightforward, illustrated here.

  • The ozonator is electrically powered. DEL ozonators use Corona Discharge chips or electrodes to generate a high quantity of ozone efficiently. UV ozonators are relatively inefficient compared to CD technology (see the Why Ozone? page).
  • The ozone is delivered through PVC tubing. All setups should use a check valve to prevent water from backing up into the ozone generator, though DEL ozonators are resistant to water damage.
  • Ozone is injected into the water circulating through the system pump(s). It begins to sanitize on contact.


The Ozone Delivery System is Important

The ozone your generator makes needs to be injected into the water. This is a critical step. The delivery system should act to dissolve the ozone fully into the circulating water to maximize sanitation and minimize off-gassing.

DEL chooses the Mazzei ozone injectors because their patented design is most effective at creating water turbulence at the point of injection to maximize the amount of ozone entering the water. The ozone injector should be maintained carefully, with an inspection every 12 to 18 months.

Ozone Injection Happens When the Pump Runs

The ozone is injected into the water circulation system only when the pump runs. This is because the technology depends on creating a partial vacuum at the point of injection to draw the ozone into the water. The pump creates the water flow that passes through the injector and it is at this point that the vacuum is created. It is important to make sure the pump runs enough to allow the ozone generated to sanitize the hot tub water – DEL recommends at least 6 hours per day.

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