Ozone Generators

Spa Eclipse Next Generation

Reliabiability, Performance, Best Value

With unmatched ozone output and a reliable five or more year cell life expectancy, the Spa Eclipse Next Generation ozone generator is the ultimate in sanitation for spas. The system features DEL’s exclusive Advanced Plasma Gap technology and is now fully equipped with Auto Voltage Sensing. It is the perfect solution for hot tubs that hold up to 1,000 gallons of water.


The MCD-50 sanitation system maintains crystal clear spa water and also provides a significant reduction in total chemical usage. This system is easily installed on new and existing spas and is proven to kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms commonly found in spa water. The MCD-50 is also renewable, and is suitable for hot tubs up to 1000 gallons (240 v shown, 120 v also available).

CDS-16 (Discontinued)



Spa Solar Eclipse

The dual-powered Spa Solar Eclipse integrates both ozone and UV-C in one simple unit providing the benefits of both technologies plus the advanced oxidative reaction known as Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to maximize sanitation and simplify spa maintenance. With AOP, chlorine dependence is reduced, microorganisms are destroyed, chloramines are broken down, and many non-organic contaminants are oxidized.