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Does your spa ozone generator need replacement?

Maintaining clean and clear spa water can be a challenge for even the most experienced spa owner. Most spas are built with an ozone generator which works with chlorine to create crystal clear water that is safe, sanitized, and readily enjoyable. Yet, what happens when you find your water chemistry out of balance and your water cloudy? It might be time for an ozone generator replacement.

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Your Spa Ozonator Cleans Your Water

One thing every hot tub owner has in common is the need for sparkling clean water.  What many new hot tub owners do not realize is how important the role of the ozonator is for maintaining such clean water.  The spa (or hot tub) ozonator is running during pump cycles to inject natural, purifying dissolved ozone into the water. The ozonator is sometimes called an “automatic sanitizer” because it works continuously without the owner’s intervention (or even being aware of it).

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