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About Your Ozone Generator

Ozone’s natural sanitation power is harnessed by the spa’s ozone generator to keep the hot tub water fresh and pure. The ozone is injected into the water in a fully dissolved state and interacts instantly with whatever organic matter is there. In theory, ozone has a half-life of about 22 minutes in a hot tub, but in practice it is used up almost instantly, leaving a very small quantity of residual ozone.

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Spa Maintenance Advice

Your hot tub is a substantial investment as well as a source of pleasure, and it’s worth maintaining. The focus here is on water maintenance since it is the most important day-to-day element that owners can control themselves. When the water in the hot tub loses its freshness, gets smelly or itchy, gets cloudy or even causes ‘hot tub rash’, you know there’s a sanitation problem. These signs indicate you need to take steps to recover water quality and clarity. Chemicals, however, are often NOT the answer.

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3 Steps to Troubleshoot Your Spa Water Quality

So, your spa water isn’t looking or feeling like it should? The first reaction of many spa owners is to add more chemicals. Yet, adding chemicals may just add to the problem. Spa or hot tub water maintenance requires a systematic 3-step approach. This approach tempers the “add more chemical” response and enables you to get to the right solution, quicker.

No doubt, spa water troubleshooting can be tricky but we’ve devised a handy 3-step approach to help you troubleshoot your spa water issues.

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Spa and Hot Tub Articles

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Alternative Sanitizers vs. CD Ozonator Technology

During the past decade, a number of competing technologies for spa sanitation have been marketed, including popular chemical alternatives. We summarize the features of these sanitizers and provide explanatory notes about the sanitizers’ benefits.

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