When a spa ozone generator expires, you'll notice a difference.

Your spa water will lack the clarity you're used to. You may find your chemicals increasingly out of balance. And your water simply will not be sanitized like it should be.

Knowing for sure that your ozone generator needs replacement can be a bit tricky but our new Ozone Test Kit makes it a cinch for your technician to quickly and accurately identify if your ozonator is indeed producing the right amount of ozone for the job.

Spa Owners: Ask Your Technician to Test Your Spa Ozone Generator

If your spa water quality is questionable, call your spa technician and ask for an ozone test. A new ozonator will make your spa feel like new again and will make your water crystal clear.

Spa Technicians: Learn About Our New Ozone Test Kit:

Watch the video below for instructions on using the DEL Ozone Test Kit and order a10-pack ozone test kit through distribution.  For downloadable instructions, click here.

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