Soothing Spa Saves Sanity!

January 2nd, 2012

There’s a headline we would believe in (even if you cannot prove it). Every portable spa owner understands the pure pleasure you can get from a soak in that warm, jetted water.

But it is no surprise that this pleasure is more than skin deep.

The Non-Addictive Stress Remover and Sleep Inducer

We’ve done a brief online review of ‘hot tub health’, ‘stress’, ‘sleep’ and ‘mental health’. There’s almost universal agreement that a soak in the spa reduces stress in ways that is conducive to better physical and mental health. One important aspect of this is that a soak before bedtime helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Our general point is that the hot tub is a safe and wholesome way to help deal with common, everyday stress and its effects. If worries keep you uptight and sleepless, you should seriously consider the spa as a helpful treatment.

Stress: Unavoidable and Unpleasant

People experience stress as unpleasant, and something to be avoided or treated. But it’s also true that stress has a positive biological function – think “fight or flight”. “Stress” is a psychological response to a perceived threat or pressure from the environment that we think is beyond our ability to cope. This perception is (probably) the cause of the physical symptoms that are part of the stress syndrome: higher heart rate, increased blood flow, adrenaline rush, and preparation to ‘flee or fight’.

The traffic jam that triggered your stress reaction on the way home doesn’t just go away when you finally managed to “flee” the traffic to the safety of your own driveway. Repeated and persistent experience of stress can lead to more serious chronic in your cardiovascular system, muscle aches and pains, and mood. It is pretty obvious that bathing your body in adrenaline over and over could have bad effects.

Unfortunately, we cannot easily remove the sources of stress. Most of us need to get a ride to work; get the kids ready for school on time; cope with bills; perform assignments effectively; shovel the walk when there really isn’t time for it. These everyday stressors can add up to more serious mental, emotional and physical health problems.

The Hot Tub Can Help

According to Hot Water & Healthy Living by Jonathan Edwards and the National Swimming Pool Foundation, immersion in a hot tub can directly help the body cope with the effects of stress. Our bodies respond to immersion in hot water with a release of dopamine, a hormone that helps us relax. This healing chemistry literally helps to take the sting out of stress: it is not just your imagination.

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